BE. DO. HAVE = The Formula to a Happy & Successful Life

Success Formula

by Pete Ferguson

What if I told you the formula to a successful and happy life is the order in which you place three words? Would you believe me? Please read below and tell me what the difference is between these two formulas:

BE –> DO –> HAVE

HAVE –> DO –> BE

I saw two grandfather’s die of cancer and not live out the second model. They toiled in hard physical labor their entire lives, saving for retirement (the HAVE) when they could sit back and enjoy life. They were diagnosed with very painful cancer shortly after retiring and died within less than a decade. They were both good men, but they both put off many of their dreams for “some day.”

If you are over the age of 35, the formula you have likely inherited is the latter as well. The mantra our parents instilled in us is “get a good job, pay your dues, build the pension, and when you retire, you will finally deserve to enjoy the spoils of life.”

Last night as I drove home from work, NPR reported that USA General Motors is going to buy out 10% of their pensions. They currently have $134 BILLION dollar pension obligation. Staggering. That’s larger than the GNP of many nations in the world. And also the reason why many businesses are moving away from the pension plan.

Like Social Security, the pension plan only works if people agree to die early. And the Baby Boomers are refusing to die as early as projected, thus bankrupting pension plans. Which means you can no longer count on Big Brother to finance the “HAVE –> DO –> BE” mentality.  So start BEING today. We are Human BE-ings after all.

The mentality of most self-made millionaires is the first formula proposed and title of this blog, BE –> DO –> HAVE.

Anthony Robbins often tells the story of writing out his life goals at the age of 20. Completely broke. No education. No job prospects. But a dream. A huge dream. And it was written down and had an action plan. Last I heard, he reports he is five years ahead of his plan. He has been extremely successful financially – with a few bumps along the way. But he has been living his dream for 20 years.

Two weeks ago I sat in author and life coach Dan Miller’s “Sanctuary” – a converted barn where Dan works, blogs, podcasts, hosts weddings, parties, art classes, and live events – and Dan talked about how he and friend, now radio host and author Dave Ramsey, sat down twenty years ago and dared to dream. And they dreamt big. And twenty years later, Dan notes he and Dave are right on track. But if you look back at both of their histories, they are doing a lot of the same exact things today they were doing when they were penniless. They just have more resources today and have a much larger audience.

I have a good friend who shared the quote “money does not change you, it reveals you.” Think of the news today. Athletes with million dollar contracts are in serious legal and moral trouble. Former rock stars are now penniless. What do they have in common? Like you and me, they were waiting for “some day.” They received their financial reward easy, quickly, and without learning life’s lessons, and now the amount of trouble they are in is really big. Or they are dead, leaving a trial of destruction and despair to those around them.

I’m about to hit 40 this year. I’ve been preparing for it for several years. I’m in better financial, physical, and hopefully mental condition than I have been in for the past 20 years. In my 20s and early 30s, I was a dreamer – always thinking of what should be. Now I’m becoming a dreamer who is also a planner. It is a lot more satisfying, because each day I wake up, jump out of bed, study, read, and write, and I’m living my dream. Today. Not in 25 years.

What’s your dream? What’s your plan?

Learn: Take time to write down your dreams. Then write down a plan.

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Act: If you get a bucket full of crabs, according to author Robert Kiyosake, when one tries to crawl out, the others will grab him and pull him back down. Surround yourself with people who are achieving at the level you want to be. Steer clear of those who will tell you you can’t. They can live their lives miserable in the bottom of the bucket. It is time for you to run on the beach.

Share: Use the five-foot sales rule and talk about your dream and plan with anyone who will listen. Make the connections, read and reply to blogs online. I’ve been amazed that my traffic has jumped from 2-3 readers to a peak of 27 this week. Thanks for participating in my sharing of my dream.

Start BEing today. Start DOing today. Enjoy what you HAVE, today.