what do you want?

Excellent recap of Chapter 2 of Karol K Truman’s “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die …”

the year of magical dreaming

For most of us, “What do you want?” is the hardest question anyone could ever ask us. I don’t mean what do you want from Santa, or what do you want after you win the lottery, I mean what do you really want! Like, if you could do anything in this life, with your highest intentions in mind, what would it be?

For years I struggled with this very question, I begged and begged to be shown what I wanted because I didn’t have the guts to step up and ask for it. I was too scared to make claims. I was too afraid to ask for things because I already felt like I’d been given so much.

What if I told you that God or the Universe or Whom/Whatever you want to call it/him/her is simply waiting for you to ask?

This is science, folks!! Not some airy fluffy…

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One thought on “what do you want?

  1. Thanks for reposting. I’ve never read Feelings Buried Alive, it sounds interesting. Quantum Phyisics is fascinating and still so young. The more we learn, we realize how little we know;) Happy Holidays to you!!

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