Nobody Does it Better …

When you want something right – you can search the world to find someone who will get you – or you can figure out how to do it yourself.


by Pete Ferguson

There are a lot of things I simply can’t – or don’t want – to do. This post isn’t about those things.

But I am going to briefly discuss those tasks that stick around forever because we know we “can” do them – but we don’t really want to do them.

I have one of those tasks (okay, I have many of those tasks, but let’s just focus on one …). It involves writing policy, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

So we met with consultants yesterday and I quickly realized there is no way they could write is as well as we could. And it would require many hours (and $$$) talking to them, trying to explain to them what we already know – and trying to get them to see things through our paradigm lens just to have them put something together that I’d end up rewriting anyway.

And so my team will end up doing it ourselves – because we will be able to do a better job of it.

There are a lot of things I’ve procrastinated for a long time. This year is my cleansing year. I’m going to either tackle, delegate, or delete tasks that have been nagging at me for some time.

What’s nagging you on a daily basis? Is it something worth being bugged about?

I was on a path to write here daily. And I did for a year. And then it became a nagging “to do” on my long list of things. It lost its fun. So I decided it needed to be fun.

When I have something I think is worth sharing – AND – I can make the time without sacrificing other priorities, I will do it. And enjoy it. And appreciate that 136 of you will at least glance at it. And hopefully a small handful of you will “like” it. Which is currency that says what I’m doing is worth continuing to do.

So, thanks for listening – and now it is your turn to decide to start, stop, or continue doing stuff! I’m on vacation …


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