Quality vs. Convenience

An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an “Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order” sign, just “Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the Inconvenience.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

by Pete Ferguson

I’m a wanna be audiophile. I’ve always enjoyed music and spent hard-earned cash in search of better quality components.

Currently I’m looking at speakers and a new receiver for my Man Cave – and thankfully manufacturers are beginning to swing back to their audio roots and make things more compact. Although trying to find objective reviews on sound quality are tough as most reviews are more focused on number of HDMI inputs.

Same goes for streaming music services. It is all about # of songs and price. Not about the stream sound quality.

And it got me thinking just how far we have departed from quality as a society in many ways:

  • Fast food/processed food – total junk, fights our body’s natural abilities and makes us sick, but tasty and quick
  • Air travel – Greyhound bus in the sky whereas our grandparents used to don a suit and tie or dress and were served a meal on linen and china
  • Any video or audio served up on a portable device
  • “Family time” often means watching television in the same room together (while texting, gaming, or watching another show on mobile devices)

I remember in high school a band I was in was practicing in our friend Gordan’s basement. During a break he showed us his dad’s vinyl collection. It was the age of the CD and I thought records were dead.

He then did a side-by-side comparison of discs and records both being played on top-quality (the system was easily the cost of my first condo) equipment and hands down the records had more oomph, vitality and “life.”

But no sound system sounds as good as seats at a symphony. And nothing beats standing a meter in front of a great painting or original photograph.

Just because you can now go to the gym and get on a cross-fit trainer, watch a show on your tablet and text on your phone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skip all of that for a good hike or run every now and then.

This summer was great for unplugging. I went on two vacations where there was no service, and no fast-food. It was regenerating at a very high level. I find I have a lot more creativity and I’m taking more time to just unplug and relax – although I am looking forward to my Orb Audio speakers and a new Marantz amp to chill to some good jazz and classical music with my family during dinner and just hanging out.

I’m also looking forward to our seven symphony concerts we were able to get on discount now that Mark is playing with the Utah Youth Philharmonic Symphony.

As I sit here fully connected to the Internet, I’m listening to Mark practicing cello while Amber is practicing flute in another room. Now that school has started, we are also back to reading Tom Fitzgerald’s “The Great Brain” series about growing up in Utah in the 1800’s each evening instead of watching the tele.

Take time to invest in quality – and purposely skip convenience. It takes work, but hopefully like it has for me – it will unlock your creativity.


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