Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Show

With each sunrise, we start anew

by Pete Ferguson

A few weeks back at our morning fitness bootcamp our instructor was winding us down for stretching when she instructed us to grab our mats and come outside to “enjoy the show.”

The timing was perfect as the sun was just coming over the Oquirrh mountains and the sun instantly warmed the chill in the air.

In contrast, this past summer we were able to go to the arch shown above during a hot summer day. The breeze from the valley below came through the arch and cooled us.

When we are doing dishes at night and I notice the red glow from the sun, I often grab my wife and we go out to the front porch, escaping the activity of the house to enjoy the show.

Whatever life brings you – don’t you forget to stop – and enjoy the show.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Show

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