Hydration – Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!

I hate [all vegetables], even though I’m vegetarian. I basically eat pasta every day. How can something taste good that’s green? ~ Miley Cyrus

by Pete Ferguson

Eating veggies as a food may not sound appealing, but eating them for their hydration properties will likely give you a big boost when it comes to physical fitness performance.

As the temperatures are hitting over 100 every day in Utah, I’m finding it difficult to drink enough water. But with many neighbor’s gardens starting to produce squash, tomatoes, and zucchini -hydration through eating veggies is starting to sound more appealing.

Staying properly hydrated offers numerous benefits when it comes to exercising harder, faster, and longer. And this includes a strategy which includes more than just drinking when you are thirsty. Thirst is not a good indicator – especially during exercise – as it comes a bit too late.

During exercise, body temperature rises and the body sweats. Your body loses water and electrolytes. Dehydration can cause blood volume to drop, which lowers the body’s ability to transfer heat and forces the heart to beat faster, making it difficult for the body to meet aerobic demands. ~ Active.com

But loading up on 1-2 fruits and vegetables per meal along with plenty of clear liquids will ensure that when you start pushing your body it will have what it needs to deal with the heat and be willing to let go of fat and build muscle.

If you are like me, this can be a challenge. Some things I’m doing this summer that I’m finding helpful:

  • Strawberries are in season! I’m cutting them up and eating with just about anything – or by themselves
  • V-8: I only drink one a day because of the sodium, but compared to a Diet Coke, I think it is a better choice. It tastes better cold and only while eating my lunch followed up with 8 oz. of water.
  • BBQ your veggies. I am not a huge fan of steamed veggies, but I love to put them on a skewer. During the winter I also like to stir fry.
  • Smoothies: Throw a handful of your favorite fruits into a blender with a bit of water or a cup of plain nonfat yogurt.

Another favorite way to eat corn for me is to soak the corn still in the cob, peel back and lightly coat with olive oil and a sampling of herbs with a touch of salt. I then put the husks back on and wrap in tin foil, cook over medium heat 5 minutes per side, set aside and cook the rest of the meal.

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again.” ~ Farnoosh BrockThe Healthy Juicer’s Bible

What’s your hydration plan?


2 thoughts on “Hydration – Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!

  1. That’s so true that thirst is not a good indicator!! I am hardly ever thirsty but have to force myself to drink water. Veggies are amazing and a great, tasty way to help keep you hydrated! Love this 🙂

  2. These are excellent options for enjoying hydrating fruits and veggies. And, as you know, I thoroughly enjoy my green smoothies — as much as they look like “lawnmower pulp.” Thank you for sharing!

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