Surviving Personal Attacks

I don’t know why it is that sometimes people feel the need to say things that aren’t necessary to say, because the person who those words are intended for knows it already. Why keep repeating things that are hurtful? ~ Hope, a fellow blogger

by Pete Ferguson

When an attack becomes personal, the battle is over – if you let it be.

How often do we allow someone’s opinion or vomited words to stick to us and allow for ongoing oppression?

We get to choose if we are going to drink other people’s poison.

In my journey the past few years, I’ve come to grip with who I am as a person – imperfections and all. I’m letting go of titles, comparison to others, and gripes. I’m working on my own self-confidence and understanding that I’m the one in charge.

It is good to be introspective, but only for a short while. You can start to go crazy from too much self-examination. But when you can unmoor yourself from the dock of doubt, you begin to live free and explore new territory.

“Every morning you wake you can perceive suffering, or the overcoming of it. Your perception will be your initial motivation.” ~ Anshu Christa Jacobson


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