My first recordings in the RCS studio

Fantastic and clear voice and music. Great job Charlotte. I look forward to hearing a complete album.

Charlotte Hoather


I managed to get a selection of songs recorded on Sunday before having to go up to hospital for my X-ray. Here are the first two and I hope that you like them.  To play them just select the song title using the media player on the right hand sidebar 🙂  ( if you are using a smart phone the player will be under the post ).

The first is a favourite song of mine “Widmung” written by Robert Schumann which can be translated to mean “Dedication” and is based around a poem written by Friedrich Ruckert.  Schumann composed this song as one of five songs created as a song cycle and presented as a gift to his wife to be, Clara Wieck.

The lyrics of the song provide the means for Schumann to capture the way that Clara made him feel.  He expresses that Clara is his peace, angel, repose, rapture, heart…

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