Generation Y Redefines Success

The trip to “Success” can be a confusing one. If you allow others to define it for you – you will never arrive.

Kayla Cruz is a “twenty-something, annoyed with corporate bs. Obsessed with Gen-Y. Letting current leadership know what Gen-Yers want. Not bratty. Just opinionated”who states it better than I ever could. Check out her take on how Generation Y Redefines Success.

I think that Generation Y wants to succeed, we want to be successful. But at the same time, our picture of success is very different from that of generations before us. The idea of working 80 hours a week behind a desk with no time to pursue our other interests is not really all that appealing.

That’s why we’re asking for flex time.

That’s why there no longer exists a corporate ladder.

That’s why we’re seen as so demanding.

We want more to life than just work.


One thought on “Generation Y Redefines Success

  1. How so very true. Maybe that’s why (I have the impression that) I see more and more creative persons, writers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people nowadays. I know I am one. 🙂

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