Why people become UNHAPPY

It is amazing how much energy I give away when I’m not happy – and how much free energy I get when I am. Great post.

How Leaders Manage


Every now and then I will encounter a person who is claiming they are unhappy with their place of employment.  It almost always baffles me when I know they have a tremendous amount going for them where they work.  They are making a good amount of money, they are being productive, they are providing a good life for their family, and the work around good people.  So what gives?  Why do they feel unsatisfied?

I heard a statistic about marriage that also matches the people who aren’t satisfied with their job.  In a marriage a spouse can only provide you with about 70-80% of what you desire, leaving them with 20-30% of their needs unmet.  Being the wonderful and well-informed spouses they are, they tend to focus their attention on those unmet needs.  Their minds become so ingrained in their desires for that missing 20-30% they seek it out…

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