This Post is Super-Awesome

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by Pete Ferguson

If you have ever blogged in WordPress (and you have turned on the “surprise me” feature), you are likely aware that there is a box to be checked just before you publish or update a blog entitled: “This post is super-awesome.”

I didn’t click it the first few weeks of blogging.


Because I wasn’t sure if my posts could qualify. I mean, what if there is a panel somewhere who judges and writes back, “Dear Pete, please stop checking that box, your post wasn’t super, and it wasn’t awesome. We will be removing this function and adding a box for ‘this post is kinda okay today, not great, but the best I could do.'”

Apparently I’m not the only one who was a bit perplexed by the option to decide if my post is in fact “super-awesome.” There are several FAQs if you search Google for “This post is super-awesome” where fellow bloggers hash out why the box is there.

WordPress has been fairly silent as to what it does, further driving bloggers crazy. They have even installed multiple browsers and tried all kinds of combinations of activities to see if they can reveal the true identity.

Allow me to quell all discussions, debates, debacles, disappointments and deliberations.

If you can’t click the box, don’t publish.

Writing is more for the author than the audience in my experience. It helps me unlock mysteries in my mind because as I type I see things from a different perspective. I learn, I grow a little. Several hundred of you have replied and further added to the experience.

So now I confidently click the box, because for me and my purposes, I think it’s pretty awesome that for almost one year I’ve kept to my long-term goal of regular writing four times a week.

Sure I’m not winning NYT or other awards, but for me, I love it and it has been a great way to bless lives – mostly my own, granted. I was able to provide an outlet for thousands of people to mourn and remember a great person when he passed. It has allowed a daughter of that employee who had been away from her father for a very long time get an insight as to the impression he was able to make.

I’ve connected with people from all over the world. I now learn and grow from reading what they have to say. I’ve connected people of great talent who would perhaps not otherwise met.

So as opposed to a paper journal where my musings might have been discovered 100 years after I’m dead, this ability to post is super-awesome.

Thanks WordPress.

Now take this principle one step further. What kind of day are you determining now you are going to have? I’d like WordPress to add one more feature:



7 thoughts on “This Post is Super-Awesome

  1. I like that way of looking at it. We live in a world where we constantly second guess what everyone else is thinking – we should just think for ourselves. I blog because I want a voice and I know that I can generally talk sense. I shouldn’t judge myself against others. Checking that button on my next post!

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