Comfort Zone

by Pete Ferguson

This morning I got up and ran three miles with my wife.

While I enjoyed running into exhaustion in high school and college to work out stress, chronic back pain and a knee surgery halted my running career for what I thought to be forever about ten years ago.

But then I hired several good coaches. A physical trainer who himself had gone through back surgery trained my secondary muscles to better support my body and balance out my core.

A great physical therapist taught me how to stand and stretch properly. A fantastic running coach taught me to stand up straight while running, loosen up my hips, and take longer strides.

Each pushed me well beyond my comfort zone and taught me that I had all of the answers around me if I opened up my eyes wide enough to look and learn.

I’ve also always enjoyed writing. I was complemented early on in high school for being able to crank out a term paper overnight the day it was due and have it be good quality. As a result I would get easy “A” grades and so I didn’t work very hard at it.

Then I entered college and in one semester I took a journalism, business writing, and creative writing class all at the same time. It was one of the most grueling experiences because each style of writing had its own set of rules, but I had two great teachers and the school paper editor to whip me into shape.

I went into a very protracted sabbatical where I didn’t write for many years and now I’m getting back into it and thankfully once again I have people around me constantly challenging me to be better. To write more from the heart.

If you are stuck in a rut or want to improve an area of your life, it is time to hire a coach. Invest serious money to where it hurts. The task should be pushing the limits of your comfort zone to the point you wonder if it is worth it. Then commit and push yourself even harder than your coach is pushing. If you have the right coach it will seem an impossible task, but the results are worth the journey.

And if you are scared to start something, listen to my good literary friend and mentor Eleanor Roosevelt:


7 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Pete, I appreciate how you push fearlessly beyond your comfort zone! You are reaping the rewards that exist only beyond its limits!

    As one who coaches others and as one who has been coached by others, I also see the power of coaching. It requires an investment of time, energy and money…but the return on investment is immeasurable!

    Thank you very much for sharing, and God bless!

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