What people in the world think of you is really none of your business. ~ Martha Graham

by Pete Ferguson

I’m an expert in one area beyond anyone else in the world. I’m certain of it.

It doesn’t make me smart, necessarily. But it can make me feel smug. Or it can make me feel confident, insecure, delusional, or arrogant.

Regardless of study or the amount of time you spend with me, you will never be as expert as I am in this one area, though you may be able to give me additional insight I’ve not yet seen.

I am an expert on my own opinion.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 6.43.39 AM


Of course I do not think I’m always right – experience, the opinions of others, maturity and self-reflection all help me in that area – but I do always have my opinion to fall back on.

As I gain more years of experience (we won’t call it age …), I realize that my opinion is based on so little understanding. So I do my best to withhold judgement. I’m working harder to try and analyze without coming to too many opinions too quickly.

I’m succeeding more than ever, I’m still failing enough to keep me humble and self-aware.

The journey really began when I found a quote that shattered my inner world:

I shared this with my wife and we do our best to constantly move towards discussing ideas. If a person has crossed one of us – or at least we felt they did – we will start talking about the person, then move towards the surrounding event, then work to migrate to the larger ideas.

Reality TV is the ultimate brain drug for remaining in the sphere of talking about people – people you’ve never even met or know. You can talk about it for hours, days and years and make little to no progress.

How crazy is that?

When I reflect back at the end of the day to where I spent the most time, I’m always most pleased when I have focused more time on ideas than events or people. Around the dinner table we try to talk about situations and events that happened in our lives with our kids. They love to hear what a mess we were when we were their age emotionally.

It means I’m contributing to the world in a beneficial way.

What’s inside of your head?


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