Control FREAK

It’s not like I let people do things for me, so I guess you can call me a control freak, or you can call me passionate. ~ Courtney Cox

by Pete Ferguson

This morning a friend shared that over the weekend she was labeled a “Control Freak” in a sentence that went something like this … “it’s not like you’d understand, you are a control freak.”

Them’s fight’n words.

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ~ Carrie Fisher

Or it is simply an insecure person’s opinion and way of making themselves feel better about themselves.

Either way, it is a fiery dart lodged by someone trying to either be funny or do harm. And it is that person’s poison poured into a nice tall, inviting, cold glass. But you have to choose to drink it if you are going to feel insulted.

Or you spill it out on the floor, realize it is their problem and not yours and move on. Later when emotions are calmed down, you could approach the person and ask them why they used that label and try and learn from it.

Or you could just ignore it and move on.

Either way, you get to be in control of the situation, and of your emotions.

Easier said then done – right?

I’ve found that once I can distance emotion and remove it from the equation, it is much easier to understand the dynamics of what is going on and reduces the urge to gouge someone’s eyes out or shove their tongue down their throat.

I watch it with my children, they know just what to say to spin each other into outer orbit. 2-3 words can result in an hour of fighting and crying. I won’t admit to it … but I might have been the same way when I was an older brother to three little sisters. I wanted to feel significance and control and they made it so easy. But I won’t admit to it.

Words are paper tigers. They can only do us harm when we let them. But we so often let them.

My wife, Stephanie is what others label a “neat freak.” That means that with five children, our house is often clean. It is often dirty as well. And guess what, if we know you are coming over, we clean first, shove the laundry back into the dryer, or fold it quickly. But every morning the kids know they have to have their beds made and clothes put away before they leave for school. Same goes for the kitchen and music room. I’m not sure that should be filed under “freak?”

I’m a total control freak and love to participate in the design of every single aspect of life. ~ Drew Barrymore

What I’ve found from those who have labeled her a “neat freak” is that their homes are usually what could be labeled as a “pig stye.” So it isn’t an insult to Steph as much as it is a reflection on the individual trying to better their feelings by throwing their emotional mud at Steph.

So MH, live up being a control freak. Thanks for kicking our butts into shape and providing organization and control to my physical health. If that is what is considered a control freak – then the world needs a lot more control freaks – so I’m reminded every time I go to Wal-Mart.

Have a freaky weekend!

I’m incredibly neurotic and a control freak. I like the thought that if there’s going to be anyone to blame it’s going to be me. ~ Laura Marling


5 thoughts on “Control FREAK

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    • Janet, thanks for promoting “Control Freak” and I like what you had to say about integrity.

      Like a sword with integrity, we will be bent, slammed, clashed, etc. but if we have integrity we will go back to our original creative shape and with a bit of polish and sharpening we are as good as ever while having been proven.

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