Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy. ~ Wayne Dyre

by Pete Ferguson

I recently talked to a friend who had been offered an exciting new opportunity to move to a new area with the prospect of greater advancement in the future.

She did her homework, understood what the cost of living in the area would be, and settled on a salary range in her mind.

Her company provided a different salary number which was identical to what she was currently making once the cost of living adjustment was applied.

Many applied pressure for her to just take it to see where it would go, but she stood her ground. She identified what she was worth, stood firm on her scruples and the offer to move was eventually rescinded.

Think. Evaluate. Then make a decision. Know your worth. ~ Liz (www.alifeonyourterms.com)

When you wait for others to define you through title, accolades, or money, your wins in life are extremely short lived. I think this is why Hollywood is so full of drug and alcohol addiction.

I had the opportunity to attend the Oscars Academy Awards twice and stand in the middle of the red carpet. While it was amazing to be there and see people who have portrayed characters I admired, what surprised me most was the contrast between the two years.

I saw many stars who the first year had been stopped for many interviews and accolades walk straight to the theater with very little fan fair the second year.

When you allow others to define your value – in this case by box office sales and critic reviews – success is so hollow and short lived.

Understanding what you are worth internally and to God, your family and friends is much more rewarding with continual paybacks.

We tell ourselves lies, half-truths, and anything but the pure truth every day … Your confidence lives inside you. It does not deplete itself or run away and desert you. It is a permanent part of who you are. But with enough lies, you can silence even the greatest force of confidence. ~ Farnoosh Brock

Damn the critics, decide who you are and what you are worth today. Then multiply it by 100 and start acting that way.

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