Pay it Forward

Don’t be a selfish, self-centered jerk … ~ Me

by Pete Ferguson

A few weeks back I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from several of my fellow bloggers in some time.

I wondered about that for about three seconds. Then I remembered I had not visited or commented on their work for an even longer time.

Shame on me.

Easily rectified. Over the past several weeks I’ve worked to visit and comment on 4-6 blogs of others for every time I’ve written anew.

First, I was inspired to take better care of my body by Ann Musico¬†who educated me that I should be drinking a lot more water. (Still working on this one …)

Next I was reminded by Jeff David that food is good – but I’m trying to avoid anything deep fried, so I must refrain from the photos on his website.

While poetry is generally not my thing, I always enjoy Caroline Gavin’s refreshing prose and her radio shows – of which I was honored to be invited to be interviewed a while back. She is a great hostess, check out her shows.

Because of Farnoosh Brock’s newsletter on juicing vs. blending, I finally took action and tried the following reciepe – which was very good despite what my family had to say about the consistency and color:

– 2 cups spinach leaves, 1 small avocado (or half a large one), 1 banana, 1/2 cup water (I had to add about another 1/4th to get it to pour)

Miles calls it “green poop.” That doesn’t help when you are about to drink a glass.

Until I can get ahold of a good juicer, I will be playing around with blending.

As much as I like to get stuff out of my head by writing – and hope that others are inspired – it is even more important for me to be reading, learning, commenting, and supporting others in the same line of work.

It is rare that we have a great epiphany whilst being entrapped by our own thoughts and actions. But when we are more focused on others, we are able to subconsciously reflect, learn, grow, mature, change, and develop.

Have a great week and I hope others pay it forward to you with a compliment, a thank you, or another kind deed. And I hope you can find a way to do the same for another. I’ll be looking out for more opportunities myself.


6 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

  1. Pete, thank you so very much!

    I am honored to be included in this “Pay it Forward” message. I ditto Dan: I really enjoy your blog posts!

    By the way, I happen to love what Miles calls “green poop.” I have called it “lawnmower pulp” myself, but – wow – it’s good for the body and soul!

    Thank you for wonderful seeds you sow, and I pray you reap a rich harvest!

      • Pete, I appreciate the seeds you sow and the inspiration you share!

        Ah, yes, “green poop” is good for the soul! I play around with mixtures of fruits and greens, but one easy recipe is:

        1 ripe banana
        8 large strawberries
        3 cups organic spinach or kale or spring greens (or mixture thereof)
        Add a little water as necessary when blending

        Here’s to drinking green and feeling great! Cheers!

  2. I randomly came across your blog and all of your blog posts seem to resonate with me so far. Just felt the need to share that and pay it forward with a comment =)

    Have a great day!

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