Australia’s Best Job In The World Contest

The world is your oyster – or at least Australia can be if you win this contest. Good luck to Chanel Hason in getting the Best Job in the World!

Photography + Science = Chanel


Best Job in the World Contest?!

Even before this fantastic announcement, there has been this ‘itch’, so to speak, of  somehow making my way back to that beautiful country of the ‘land down under.’ I lived in Brisbane, Australia for a year in 2009 when I studied Marine Science at the University of Queensland, Saint Lucia. It was such a growing experience, in more ways that I could ever begin to describe. Let me share a couple ‘firsts’ that happened while abroad:

  • FIRST TIME GETTING MY PURSE STOLEN: Crime happens everywhere – in every country – at any moment. My moment – in a movie theater with people from my apartment complex during a social group outing. A thievery couple stole my purse from under my seat in a movie theater..luckily I had my apartment key in my pocket. They spent…

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