Ugly Furniture … Time to Change

Bad habits can creep in and remain in our lives – disguised and camouflaged into our subconsciousness.

by Pete Ferguson

Today marks my 200th post! Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, disagreeing …

Have you ever gone on vacation and stayed in a nice hotel, or gone to visit a very nicely designed model home and upon reentering your house looked at a piece of furniture that has been around for YEARS and realized it is really out of place?

When you bought the couch, it seemed like such a great idea at the time. It was comfortable, or it matched your decor, or it was free! So it was a great idea at the time – or it was simply convenient so you went for it.

Policies, habits, sayings, and other little oddities are also like free furniture. They can creep into our lives so subtly that we do not realize they are out of place until we have an opportunity to change our perspective – or have someone else point it out to us.

Hopefully we each have a friend who will be brutally honest – about the couch and our personality – and help us see that what was around for ever and seemed just fine – simply isn’t fine.

What’s your “ugly couch?”


5 thoughts on “Ugly Furniture … Time to Change

  1. Pete, this is a perfect and powerful metaphor for those rather ugly “policies, habits, sayings and other little oddities” that can makes themselves at home in our lives! I commit to removing any and all ugly couches…

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