Start Somewhere

Live to Start. Start to Live.

Richie Norton

by Pete Ferguson

Friday I met up with a friend and one of my accountability coaches I met about 18 months ago on a plane. I’m rarely one to start up a conversation with a complete stranger, especially on a plane – too many sales pitches.

But this one was different and has been life altering. We’ve gotten together to check in sporadically and discuss projects for some time now. She’s helped me reframe failure and build the framework for success. On Friday we discussed where our lives have gone since first meeting.

Big places, with tiny steps.

Which is why I say today you must start somewhere. And today is a good place if you are already not on a journey.

And then of course, you have to continue moving forward from where you are.

One blog, 500 words, at least four times a week is 104,000 words, or a book or two, in one year. One trip to the gym, three times a week, results in much better fitness. Eating one less of something not so healthy a day leads to better nutrition and health.

You will fail along the way by not waiting for perfect to get started. That’s a good thing.

Once when I wrote about the “fun of failure,” someone responded, “Don’t think about it as failure! Re-cast it in your mind as something different,” etc. My first reaction was to agree, but then I realized —no. I don’t want to pretend that I’m not failing; I want to embrace failure. ~ Gretchen Rubin

Complete and utter failure teaches us to adapt quickly and opens creativity.

We become an expert at what not to do the next time.

We also may find hidden in failure a new success we were not originally working for. Viagra, Post-it notes, etc. …

So start something … anything, TODAY.


3 thoughts on “Start Somewhere

  1. Inspirational and motivational…as always! Thank you very much, Peter! I agree that we can reach those “big places, with tiny steps.” The power of consistency cannot be overstated. God bless you abundantly, as you have not only started somewhere but have also continued to GO somewhere for His glory!

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