Looking outside for someone to come along and save you is a long shot. The power needed to save your soul is closer than you think.


Life will throw you many challenges, some will look like life preservers in a tank full of sharks only to board a ship full of pirates. When it comes to saving your soul the resource you need is a lot closer than you think.

by Pete Ferguson

I heard a very interesting interview with Singer/Songwriter Jewel recently. She revealed a lot about her history and the person she has become.

The child of an emotionally abusive father – who’s own parents doled out ten times the abuse on him as a child – and abandoned by her mother at age eight, Jewel has come a long way.

She talked about having been kicked out of her apartment because they couldn’t make the rent and she was living in her car while several record companies were courting her, offering millions of dollars in contracts, picking her up in limos and taking…

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