Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind

Fortune favors the prepared mind.

~ Louis Pasteur 

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by Pete Ferguson

How many times have you seen a well-executed idea and thought “man, I wish I had thought of that!” or “hey, they took my idea!”

Ideas are a dime a dozen – if you are lucky. I have hundreds of ideas a day, not sure each dozen generates a dime.

Many of life’s simple successes are due to “luck” – or the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

Bill Gates would not be who he is today had he not spent hundreds of hours transferring computer code to punch cards for free.

Jackie Evancho would not have been an “overnight success” at age 11 had she not practiced for hours and developed her voice with a coach and her parent’s assistance for two years before being “discovered” on YouTube by America’s Got Talent.

I hate hearing the words “you are so lucky …” I’m very blessed, don’t get me wrong, and I’m very appreciative for what I have to be sure. But I didn’t lay around on my couch eating potato chips and watching Jerry Springer. I’ve been working. Often for a VERY long time before any results begin to gain momentum.

Luck probably in it’s purest form is for the lottery winner. But the statistics for lottery winners maintaining their luck isn’t 100%. According to a study conducted in February of 2011 by the Camelot Group, 44% are broke in five years. I’d be curious to know what the percentage is at ten years.

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I was inspired to write this post by a man telling a story of how he went into a Disney Store and played out his Goofy character voice for two of the “cast member” employees. They loved it and some others in the store overheard it and asked him if he did birthday parties. At first he was excited about it, but when spurred on by comments on his blog, he said he was “over it.”

There are million dollar business ideas all around us every day. The millionaires are the ones who recognize it and take action.

I’m not there yet either, but I plan to be.

Forget “what’s in your wallet” – “what’s in your head?” And what are you willing to do about it?

Can you publish a quality book that will make money in 60 days? Farnoosh Brock did it in two weeks. For one of her titles, she continually averages 250 Kindle downloads a month with a $10 profit from it too. Not bad at all. Most authors average about $4,500 for a book if they are lucky. Farnoosh clears that every two months.

So what’s my excuse? I’m not lucky enough … yet. But I have written 176 blogs at roughly 500 words each. So I’ve written over 88,000 words.

Guess I don’t have an excuse. Now only if I knew what topic to write about … wait, I have 176 of them to choose from!

Create your own luck. And open your eyes to the luck all around you before the person next to you seizes “your idea” that you chose not to take action on.

Good Luck!


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