Planning for Success or Failure

Negative actions – those that only serve a momentary impulse – cause a debt to be formed and future reflection on the event only brings sorrow for a poor choice made, or an impulse to do it again. If the latter, we usually find the same action does not bring the same result. We must eat more, drink more, smoke more, to get to a feeling beyond “normal.”

by Pete Ferguson

Monday I spoke of the ongoing payout of actions. Positive actions continue to payout positive emotions upon reflection.

Negative actions are usually a response to escape a current emotional state. We are triggered by something which we allow to diminish our self-worth and we look externally for a release from the pain.

Between a stimulus and response, there are only nanoseconds for a response.

You’ve likely heard of the defense of adultery or murder as a “crime of passion.” People are let off from a death sentence or many years in jail because of “momentary insanity.”

I’m calling BS.

I cannot pick up a violin today and play a concerto. I did play from grades 3-8. I resisted practice, fought with my parents often, but did occasionally find joy in playing.

And because of this:

I cannot enjoy “momentary virtuoso.”

I do not have it programmed within me to play at an expert level because I have not devoted time or energy towards developing the talent.

If luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity – then a “crime of passion” is simply the natural conclusion of predetermined thoughts finding an opportunity for action.

The decision you make in nanoseconds between stimulus and response are preprogramed now through deliberate goals and decisions.

That is why the military spend countless hours training future soldiers on how to kill. When the opportunity arises, the expectation is that you will carry out your training.

It is also why great athletes play out a game mentally for hundreds of hours and hundreds of hours more in physical practice to shine in the brief seconds the spotlight is upon them.

Today you are breeding your actions of tomorrow with your thoughts and what you spend time on. If you watch pointless television or play video games, when a business opportunity is under your nose – you will likely not see it.

If you invest towards your goals by spending time researching related topics, connecting with people already successful in the field, or planning out your course of action, you will see the opportunities which are all around you.

Happy Wednesday!

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