CHRISTmas – Guest Post by My Son

By Mark Ferguson (age 14)

Where is Christ’s credit in his own holiday?
For it is really about his life, death, and birthday!

Instead, it was stolen by Santa Claus, and snowmen, and elves,
Yetis, and trees, and presents on shelves.

But, what is Christmas really about?
“It’s about Christ!” I want to shout!

But I’ll instead tell you calmly,
So your ears can stay warmly!

There was a young girl named Mary,
She had to do something scary.

She had to give birth to our god’s son,
And find a man, to be a good Hun.

Joseph had to keep her from getting stoned,
And from Jesus’ life getting postponed.

When King Hared called a census,
They had to go home, and pay their expenses.

Mary went with Joseph, to his ancestors’ birthplace
And when she went into labor, they had to make haste.

They got there, and there was only a place of animals and their mangers,
She gave birth, and then came gifts from strangers.

Jesus grew up to be a wonderful man,
He heals the sick and does all he can.

And then came a time to start the atonement,
And hoping that Heavenly Father would have no disappointment.

He went to a forest and nearly bled to death,
And for all of our sins, he had payeth.

They nailed him on a board with railroad ties,
And treated him like a bunch of pesky flies.

He had been born, he had lived, and now he had died,
All just for us, and we try to hide

The real reason why we get two weeks of school and work off,
For Heaven’s sake he was born in a trough!

All of that, and he gets no credit, for the holiday that’s his,
Now I’ll give you a quiz…

What is Christmas really about?


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