Living in Constant Beta

I’m in permanent beta constantly iterating and improving. ~ Krista Canfield

by Pete Ferguson

I used to see uncertainty as the ultimate evil. I became a bit obsessive compulsive and would actually plan every hour of the day out in my Franklin Planner.

I became extremely inflexible and didn’t do well when plans did not go accordingly. I would align myself to a point of view and not waiver.

I always felt as though I was at war – because I was at war with myself, society, and the world.

Not a healthy place.

I recall watching Jurassic Park where mathematician Ian Malcolm specialized in ‘Chaos Theory’. He predicted through his theory that the island will quickly proceed to behave in “unpredictable fashion” and that it was “an accident waiting to happen.”

It made me really uncomfortable. So I labeled it as Hollywood rhetoric and filed it away in the recesses of my mind.

And then we started to have children. And all careful planning, being on time, and structure in my life did become chaos! And I am afraid I did not deal with it well, often losing my temper and being in a perpetual state of frustration.

This obviously took a toll in my relationship with my wife. It also stifled creativity and fun.

And then one day while I was in my early 30s, I felt as though I was in my 50s and I kinda got tired of it.

Steph and I started an aerobics class and yoga. Waaaay outside of my comfort zone!

I actively worked to sabotage my desire for careful planning by taking the most inefficient way home from work or the gym. Getting up from my desk and getting a drink from the most inconvenient break room. Starting conversations up with people who have an entirely different point of view. Inviting complete strangers with a common interest to go to lunch. Talking to people I sat next to on airplanes.

Where before I was working hard to “arrive” at some preconceived notion of success, I now find success in the journey.

I screw up a lot. Often. Sometimes I unintentionally hurt those around me. But I realize that I’m in constant beta – and I’ve accepted that it is a good thing. So long as I’m in motion – “being” a human.

The biggest realization for me was that I need to be in the moment.

Tomorrow will always sabotage the plans of today. Yesterday is past, so having regrets is a waste of time. Learn from the mistakes and work hard now to improve.

Mourn the losses. Celebrate the successes.

The beauty of constant beta is that you can change things around anytime, all of the time.

“Move Quickly with Reasonable Risk.” ~ Scott Seese, eBay CIO


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