Why “Try” is Sabotaging Your Success

“There’s doubt in trying.
Just do it or stop thinking.”
― Toba BetaMaster of Stupidity

tryby Pete Ferguson

A coworker put a similar poster on my computer today as a joke. Little did he know that I cringe each time I use the word “try.”

Trying is better than doing nothing, but I use the word try as a cop out. It means I’ll give it a go, but I do not have firm faith that it is going to work, so I only put 50% into the effort. And with only 50% committed – more luck than anything will determine success.

Trying to lose weight has proven 100% ineffective. Having a plan and a coach has proven very fruitful.

Trying to start a blog was very unsuccessful for many years. Committing to 4 blogs a week has been a great learning experience and resulted in 130+ blogs so far.

Trying to change the Security world resulted in a lot of talk. Volunteering for a leadership position in a networking group has allowed me to make a small dent in the universe.

In setting my goals for next year, there are things I can try – or there are commitments I can do.

What have you tried, and what have you done this year? Is there a difference?


4 thoughts on “Why “Try” is Sabotaging Your Success

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