When You are Stuck – Just Do the Opposite

A man wants to know that his life and his work will count for something — that his existence has tangible impact on his environment. Art is my impact and I am spoiled by its immediate effect. ~ Master Penman Jake Weidmann

indianby Pete Ferguson

I ran across the idea of doing the opposite when stuck several years back when I was beginning my “mid-life crisis.”

In college, you are told to research where the jobs are going to be and go after those. Terrible advice, but what can be expected from an educational system based on the Industrial Age. Henry Ford was one of the greatest creative minds, but he also is the father of the assembly line where you need to shut off your brain to be successful.

As car manufacturing has shifted overseas and to more highly automated machinery, the “assembly line” mentality has shifted to cubicle farms where any self-expression is reduced to one shelf (if you are lucky) in a 4×4 space.

Which leads me back to the title of this blog. Instead of shelving your dreams, do the opposite. Pursue them. Damn the statistics of whether or not it is a successful profession. No one else is going to be as passionate as you are with your dreams.

When Steve Jobs, Woz, and Bill Gates were putting together computers in their garage, they were considered misfits. Now anything computer related is considered a desirable position to many.

Master Penman Jake Weidmann is one of only 11 at his mastery level in the world. Before typewriters and computers, however, his profession was in high demand. Now it is even more rare and sought after.

Because we live in a modern world of technology, the fact that I am doing everything by hand is almost a foreign concept. ~ Weidmann

Weidmann has gone the complete opposite direction and followed his passion into a very elitist group.

Certainly he did not waltz into success, but now that he has paid his dues and suffered through what others might call failure, he is at the top of his game and enjoying life.

Choose to struggle with something — we live in a culture of the quick and easy and it has made us impatient and lazy. When you commit to something that takes work and see it through to the end, it will develop you as much as you develop it. ~ Weidmann

SingleStrokeClose-675x294Instead of moving forward, the answers to your questions may be in the past. Consider the following:

– With the TV hit series Survivor, there is a whole culture around survival skills and mountaineering.

– Regardless of our advances in technology, high quality leatherwork is in higher demand than ever.

– Paragliding is “taking off” regardless of supersonic flight.

Don’t limit yourself to what your high-school counselor told you were good career options. Find something you are passionate about and then invest your time to become the best.

Many have told me blogging is a waste of time because it is not profitable. So far they are right about the second half, but for now I’m enjoying the process and moving forward. The bottom line is that I’m doing something I enjoy, I’m adding value to my life and other’s lives, and I am taking courses and attending seminars to learn how to eventually make it into a profitable venture.

It has helped me find a much better balance in life and the results of success are spread out in other areas.

To continue reading the interview with Weidmann, check out www.theartofmanliness.com.


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