Have a Very Manly Christmas

Lumberjacks of old wouldn’t find themselves tying ribbons and bows – here are five ways to have a Very Manly Christmas.

by Pete Ferguson

What the world needs more of is manly men. Caveman rugged adventurers who are willing to take on any task to please their woman and protect their family.

Here are five tips to a manly Christmas:

  1. walletMake something as a gift. Buying things is wussified. You need to make something. Roast a pig, make your father or son a leather wallet that will last a life time, or handcraft something out of wood. It will connect you with your inner manliness and give you a sense of pride.
  2. -Cutting-down-the-National-Community-Christmas-tree-Presque-Isle-1959-748625Cut down a tree. While pulling out a pre-lit tree and plugging it in makes your lady happy, going to the mountains and cutting down a fresh pine tree and dragging it home will make her downright impressed. The fresh sent will be a daily reminder that you are her man and that you can swing an axe to protect her.
  3. CottonBall3-246x300Light a fire. Pressing “ignite” on a remote or light switch doesn’t count here. I’m talking about gathering wood, swinging an axe, and using flint the way original Mountain Men did. Bring some marshmallows, a warm blanket and camp chairs along and then boil a pot of hot water for chocolate milk. Put your lady in a chair with the blanket and have her watch you do the rest. Not sure what to tell you City Slickers here, you will have to get creative.
  4. wifecarryingLift stuff. Pick up a chair. Pick up your lady. Move around all the boxes that come with decorations and presents. Bring out the inner cavewoman in your wife by showing her she is married to a rugged beast who is going to protect and watch over her.
  5. relaxingbath-300x240Give your lady the night off. This is the more tender side of the rugged man. Half beast, half protector. Clean the bedroom and bathroom. Fill up the tub and light some candles. Get her a book or set up an iPad with soft music or a good movie and then go grab her and take her to her sanctuary. Close the door and you watch the kids and clean the rest of the house.

Give the best gifts for free this Season. Give the gifts of time and your presence.


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