Writing – Esponging The Soul

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

once-upon-a-timeby Pete Ferguson

Remember as a teenager (and perhaps still today) the great relief and satisfaction of popping a zit?

Disgusting, I know, and I’m waiting for my two oldest to start having issues any day now. But for me it always felt like I was expelling the disease and bad within and cleansing my body. Admit it, you too got some satisfaction out of it – unless you were the type to let it swell and try to go away on its own. That is disgusting.

Writing can be as cleansing. It helps relieve your mind of burdens. Therapists suggest writing out frustrations on paper, using your non-dominate hand, as a way of releasing the emotional tie to mistakes and misfortunes of the past.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 6.52.21 AM

I’m currently working with a friend to edit her unwritten child she has been carrying around for some time. While she has produced short bursts on the topic, she finally decided to formalize the subject, conduct additional research, and pull it all together.

It is an amazingly complex task – and the better you can do it, the easier it will be for your readers to grasp it.


Great writing is easy reading. Great content is mental anguish to internalize, conceptualize, and comprehend.

“The duty and the task of a writer are those of an interpreter.” ~ Marcel Proust

A family friend and therapist recommends writing three journals:

  1. The first is the raw essence of your soul, your confessions, your deepest thoughts. Burn the minute you finish putting pen to paper!
  2. The second is for you only. Lock it up, refer to it often.
  3. The third is the Hollywood version of you for your posterity. It may have a few of life’s little lessons, but it is for others to learn about you the way you want to be remembered.

I’ve utilized the first on occasion and it is very cleansing. The second I should improve upon and this blog is the third.

“Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside us.”  ~ Attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes

One of the most powerful reasons to write is to better clarify your thoughts, organize them, and give them wings to fly. My number one reader is – me! I enjoy the organization of the chaos of my mind. To look back and to see the personal progression I have made is very rewarding. It took me half a day to write my first post, it now takes about 35 minutes for most posts. 

And the second most important reason I write is to connect with you. The word “you” here is so vast. You may be my father. You may be a coworker. You may be someone I have only met once or twice. You may be someone who found my writing via a Google search. There are hundreds of “you” throughout the world and I appreciate the trust you have in spending a moment of your day to see what I have to share or to say.

Thanks for reading! 



3 thoughts on “Writing – Esponging The Soul

    • Commas save lives 🙂

      “Let’s eat Grandma” vs. “Let’s eat, Grandma” is one of my favorite t-shirts.

      I meant the difference between “loosing” and “losing.” I liked the idea of “loosing” friends – or allowing them (and you) space to go off and do their own thing. My wife and I have enjoyed rediscovering old friends who have a new list of life experiences we can discuss and learn from. As opposed to “losing” friends forever.

      Enjoy the discovery and good luck on the journey!

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