The Power to be YOU!

In today’s media world, it is very easy to be someone else – but what the world really needs is the genuine you!

by Pete Ferguson

This morning as I was searching for a topic, I came across Valeria Lukyanova – a Ukrainian gal with a quest to look (and apparently act) just like Mattel’s Barbie Doll.

It is all a bit creepy. I hope she is finding some kind of happiness or fulfillment in her pursuit. On a video she said: “Do not believe the rumors that I removed the ribs. This is my true waist. I am a raw-foodists. I am very, very little eating, and often hungry.”

One thing I have realized this year is that happiness is found in truly accepting yourself. Flaws, imperfections, habits, addictions, everything. Accepting and owning up to your situation in life – being grateful for the good and committed to working on the rough edges.

Working to become someone else is an endless journey with no destination. Your ship will sail aimlessly, occasionally docking into foreign ports, but continually returning to bounce around on a sea of uncertainty.

Unlike others there, Steve is unabashedly Steve. The bald guy covered by Steve is me

I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Academy Awards twice. The second time I was right on the red carpet, surrounded by Hollywood’s “A List” celebrities – people who make a living pretending to be someone else.

The better pretender you are in a year – the more you are recognized by other people who also pretend.

Granted, some are great story tellers – telling stories that need to be told. And some I find more original than others.

I had a unique perspective as I stood and watched the cars arrive, the people disembark and become transformed into “celebrity” by the cameras and press.

But as some of the most recognizable names walked past, I was struck at the makeup line – where reality meets pretend paint – along the jaw line. I was also surprised how many of Hollywood’s elite have terrible teeth, but I won’t dive into that right now.

Standing there, surrounded by what is supposed to be the pinnacle of a modern media-driven society, I came to a quick realization that I do not want any of my daughters to use any of these women there as role models.

I also had another unique perspective my second year attending. Some of the stars who had been at the top of their game the previous year were now ushered into the “B-Z list” line.

How quickly they had fallen from grace.

The year before it had taken them over an hour to make their way down the “A-list” red carpet, moving from scheduled interview to photo shoots along the way. The second year, for some, it was a 3-5 minute walk. The carpet is literally is divided in the middle between those who are there to be watched – and those who are there just to watch.

And so it is with life when we base our success on the acceptance of others. We have our good years and likely more of the bad years.

But when we love and accept ourselves, we are always in the best of company.

And others are attracted by our confidence, and our good company is expanded and enlarged.

Have a fantastic week, and I trust that as you think about everything you have to be thankful for that your happiness and peace will be expanded.


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