Defy Your Gravity

There is a force more powerful than government oppression or military might. It holds you back from success but can also push you towards great achievement. This force is You.

by Pete Ferguson

Yesterday was a large loss for many who had hoped Mitt Romney would win as President. I saw many Facebook postings about the end of the world, how our country is headed for ruin, and that the economy is never going to recover.

Certainly there will be effects – both good and bad – which trickle down from Washington that determine how much of our money stays with us and what requirements are made for providing benefits to employees for businesses along with other changes.

I wanted to see Mitt win for a variety of reasons, but my life is not going to dramatically change because of who is President of the United States. My life dramatically changes because of me.

We each have this force which drives us to excellence or ruin. It is our own self-will which determines our future.

When the alarm goes off in the morning to go to the gym or to get up and study and write, I am the one who makes the decision as to what I should do. Not Romney, not Obama. Not my wife, boss, children, or society.

The gravity which holds us bound is an extremely powerful force.

Part of becoming a better man for me is to better understand what happens in my brain in the brief time between stimulus and response.

And it is what happens during that sometimes nanosecond of time that makes me a better person, keeps me in a stagnate position, or causes me to go down dark paths.

I’ve been working to get to a different orbit for several years now and it takes a lot of work. It takes understanding what the stimuli are that lead me to action.

One of the most important concepts I have learned is the difference between my circle of influence and my circle of concern.

If I am concerned all day long about poverty throughout the world, but I fail to provide my children with food, shelter, my time and love, I am nobody.

If I am concerned about politics, but refuse to volunteer in my neighborhood, then I am nobody.

If I am concerned about the way my company is run, but then I waste time at work and do not get my job done and look for ways to go the extra mile, then I am the problem.

Change happens inside the heart, motivating the body and mind to move forward.

It doesn’t happen in Washington. It doesn’t happen on Wall Street.

It happens inside of you.


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