To Win a Good Fight

Last night if you were in America, your guy won, or your guy lost.

Regardless of which side you are on – or if you are on no side at all – America won in a sense.

America won because of the lack of sex scandals with the top candidates. The tabloid press and Saturday Night Live were certainly not handed tongue-and-cheek comedy on a silver platter as easily as previous elections (except for the binders of women comment).

The issues were debated, and facts were skewed on both sides of the isle. But we didn’t waste time chasing down some poor intern, assistant, or other woman who’s life was already once ruined only to be thrown under public scrutiny.

It would appear that the two men have a genuine respect for each other from where I sit. I don’t know of another election where that has occurred. If I’m delusional, allow me to enjoy my disconnect from reality.

The fight was a hard one. It looked too close to call for sure until the final hours.

To win is great, but it must be a clean win. To lose is not fun, but if it is a clean loss where it felt as though all effort and work towards the goal was expended wisely, then it is as good of a loss as a loss can be.

I suspect most of us are a bit tired this morning from a late evening.

The election does not change who you are as a person. You decide how to live out your future. You must decide what goals to pursue. The President cannot make those decisions for you – and even if he could, you would likely grow to resent him for it.

Happy Wednesday!


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