Becoming the CEO of Your Life


What conclusion would an analyst draw about your core values or where you’re going with your life from [a report of how you spend your time]? Would it show a man who makes his girlfriend, fitness, and education his top priorities? Or would it reveal a man who values video games, Doritos Locos, and Reddit memes the most? ~ BRETT & KATE MCKAY

by Pete Ferguson

You are the CEO of your life, whether you act like it or not. Your current stockholders include your spouse, children, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances. Everyday you run into your core audience. How are they evaluating your use of time?

Years ago I was struck by this concept. I was in a downward spiral of self-indulgence leading to a lot of time wasted in front of the TV, sleeping and feeding my face.

My wife was not at all happy with our interpersonal or intimate relationship.

I happened upon an obscure CD from the library, an interview of Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars) by Anthony Robbins as part of Robbins Power Talk series.

Gray talked about how men are always ready to go sexually, but that women need a very long time to warm up and the foreplay begins when you empty the dishwasher in the morning.

Gray suggested that men are really good in the workplace environment with understanding the CEO concept, but miserable at home and that we need to see ourselves as CEO of the homestead.

So when I got home that day, I was in charge. Sanitation was behind and the garbage needed to be taken out. Small Person Care was backed up and Tutoring was seriously off track. Food Preparation had failed to show up or call in, so I got that back on track. As I was getting organized, I realized the CLL (Chief Lovely Lady) needed a little time off to read a book while I took care of business and turned around the PNL investment of time.

You need to be CEO of your personal life and act in charge. If you act like a low level employee, life will pay you back by ensuring you fit that role for some time.

I forget this principle often, but I am quickly reminded of it when my attitude conveys that I am not content. That is when I know it is time to sit down and plan out my days intentionally and place the most important things first, tackling items that Steph has been irritated with immediately where possible.

If you were to take an outsiders’ look at your life, would you consider yourself a good investment? From your spouse’s perspective or potential significant other – are you worth much time and effort?

When I look at the people I admire most I am mostly drawn to their ability to set and achieve goals, to prioritize, to say “no” to non priorities, and how they spend their time.

Today is November 1st. Author and life coach Dan Miller suggests that our goals for the next year should be in place by November 15th. I already have a good set of ideas that now just need a little time and paper to solidify and I have never been so excited for an upcoming year!

I’ll close with the following story from the book “And They Were Not Ashamed” by Laura M. Brown. Paraphrasing from page 49-50:

Tom used to fuss at his wife Teresa that she was never in the mood, even when he brought her home flowers or did something special for her. With two little children and a new baby, Teresa was always busy cooking, cleaning, and running errands. Teresa would jokingly tell him, “If you had all of this to do, you wouldn’t have the energy for ‘you know what’ either.”


One day Tom was complaining to a friend that Teresa was not aware of his needs when his friend suggested that Tom do the housework for Teresa as a surprise. Tom took care of all the cleaning and cooking, attended to the children, fed the cat, etc.


When she walked in the door and noticed all that had been done, Teresa was delighted and lovingly she walked over to him, gave him a kiss and said, “I’ll meet you upstairs.” After he completed the chores, he came up the stairs and crawled into bed next to her. She reached over for him and he said, “Honey, not tonight, I’m too tired.”


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