Why it is Time to Man (and Woman) Up!

The world will push you down and mow you over if you allow it to. You can succumb to the pressure or you can rise up and man (or woman) up!

by Pete Ferguson

I laughed out loud when I read this quote on the “bettermanprojects” blog I follow, “A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

What a turn of events – if you always act like a sheep, you are constantly in a victim mentality and always wondering when and where the tiger will pounce.

But simply turning the table and taking on the role of the king instead of the hunted makes all of the difference.

Increasing your self-confidence begins with an active decision to no longer play the victim card. It requires that you take action for your decisions. It requires that you know and understand that you are the secret to your success.

Farnoosh Brock’s sixth step in her “21-Step Confidence Building Series” holds the secret:

Becoming Your Own Best Friend, Not Worst Enemy

Your own worst enemy means you do harm to yourself, either physically or emotionally or mentally. You do things that get in the way of your health, wealth and success and even if you do them subconsciously, their impact is not any less. And it ruins your confidence in the process.

Your own best friend means that you are an ally, a partner, a kind teacher to yourself. It means you forgive yourself for your mistakes and push yourself gently in the direction of your goals and dreams. You remove whatever gets in your way, rather than getting in your own way! And it builds your confidence little by little.

When is a time you held a crowd’s complete attention?

When have you felt at peace and calm with where you are in the world?

When have you felt loved completely?

Combine those feelings. Relive and relish them often. If you can’t remember having these feelings and can’t tap into other positive energy, you have a new goal to do so now.

The only difference between you and someone whom you think has great confidence is your opinion of your-self vs. their opinion of their-self.

Decide today to rise to the challenge of what you can be. Decide today that what you can be is excellent and worthwhile.

Learn: On a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning extreme confidence and 1 meaning close to suicidal, how do you rate your confidence? Why?

Act: What would it take for you maintain or raise your confidence closer to a 10? Make a plan to do that by 5 pm on Monday evening next and then do it! You can do it!

Share: Where are you on your journey in life? Write it down! You don’t have to share it, but by doing so you will further commit yourself and encourage others at the same time.


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