The Frog and the Prince – A Man’s Perspective

Often in the fairy tale of the Princess and the Frog the woes of the princess are exploited while the Prince sits around on a lily pad eating flies all day. Are you a Man or a Frog?

by Pete Ferguson

This morning on the drive home from the gym I was thinking about what to write when the words “Frog and the Prince” popped into my head.

I asked my wife what the story of the “Princess and the Frog” meant to her – she replied that it is about having to do what you don’t want to do. Her recollection is of the poor princess who lost her golden ball down the well and who had to learn humility enough to want to kiss a frog.

I’m not interested in getting deep into the story line here. I’m interested in talking about why so many of us men act like frogs when we have a royal destiny ahead of us.

Just because we look around and see everyone else eating flies and waiting for a Princess to save them doesn’t mean we must do the same.

Whether “eating flies” means going to a job you hate, eating at the trough of debt to try and keep up with your neighbors, or live a sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity and the life of a couch potato –

I’m hear to tell you there is a life of steak and potatoes in your future as soon as you are tired of eating insects.

What if the true story of the Princess and the Frog is really “My time Spent as a Frog” by the Prince?

Departing from the strict tale of written lore, I suspect the Prince was pretty ticked off.

“I deserve a better life than this, I’ve worked hard!”

Now left to live like a frog, the Prince makes the decision to instead get the pond organized – rule like the Prince he is.

While he could slip into complacency and eat flies (which oddly now suddenly sound appealing) – he refuses and looks for better grub.

Eventually he is freed from his physical curse by true love’s kiss, but he is still the man he always was inside – now blessed with additional humility and knowledge.

Are you a frog or a Prince? Rise up; It is time to be a man!

Learn: Which of Life’s consequences are you moping around about? Are you tired of being a frog yet?

Action: How you choose to take action is the only thing separating you from being a Prince or a frog. If you want to sit around and complain about everything – eating flies as it were – then embrace your inner frog. If you are ready to take action, get in shape financially, mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically, then it is time to embrace your inner Prince.

Share: Great stories are only great when told. Time to rewrite your story if you’ve been sitting around on a lily pad eating flies. Live the fairy tale starting with the happy ending part.

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Liane Cardes




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