Engaging at Work – Jeff Pattison

According to Gallup in 2010, the national average of engaged employees was 33% … On the other extreme, 18% of employees are actively DISengaged, meaning they aren’t just unhappy and doing what they must, they actually act out their unhappiness. They are out to undermine the efforts of the organization. ~ Jeff Pattison

reblog from Jeff Pattison

Engagement Ring (Photo credit: Lucas_James)

How many people do you know who have gotten engaged at work?  No, not wedding engagement – I’m talking about a willingness to really contribute at work.  Whether you are a job seeker or actively employed, this issue should matter to you.  Employee engagement is being deeply involved and invested in what you do at work.  It is much more than simply being content, satisfied and doing what must be done. This can be in the form of extra time, brainpower and energy on a consistent basis.  “Thank God it’s Friday, Oh God it’s Monday” is not the mantra of an engaged employee.

So why does it really matter?  For you personally, being engaged means you are happier overall and that you’re much more likely to make more money.  The annual financial losses in the U.S. due to lack of engagement of both managers and employees is about $300 billion according to the Gallup organization.  This stuff is not just a feel good idea, it matters to every organization and it’s becoming more top of mind to employers when they are hiring (and firing).  More and more, they are realizing the importance of having employees who want to be there and want to have a positive impact.  Of course, that largely falls on them to engage the folks they have.  However, they also know that if they don’t hire the right type of people with a positive attitude, their efforts can go to waste.

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