I Can, I Can, I Can …

The things that you yourself used to do and then stopped in your growing wisdom now begin to annoy you when you notice them in others. Of course, you are not so much annoyed with them as you are with the old you who did the same darn thing. ~ Farnoosh Brock

by Pete Ferguson

Isn’t it interesting that throughout history and literature, the greatest archenemies typically have a history of formally being close.

Cain and Able likely played well together as children until envy set in. The competing families in Shakespeare’s plays usually started out as friends until a small event caused a great divide. For a more modern example in pop fiction – Xmen – Professor Charles Xavier and “Magneto” were once very good friends – Xavier still visited Magneto in prison and called him “old friend.”

In my own life, I have a son and daughter who are very alike in mannerisms, attitude, and behavior. And they are constantly at each other’s throats.

Within my neighborhood, the neighbors who drive me a bit nuts display traits I find within myself and do not like.

Most gossip is pointing out in others what we do not want to face in our own selves.

Our greatest limiter to success, the one person who holds us back, is someone we spend 24 hours a day with – is the person in the mirror. Within our own spirits, minds and bodies is both the best and worst we can offer the world.

This is bad news – if you are a pessimist – because you can’t escape.

This is the best news ever – if you are an optimist – because this means everything you will ever need is within you. Regardless of religious persuasion, I’ve read countless authors who describe this inner light as our greatest strength.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: The last of his freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” – Viktor Frankl

Within each of us is the power to choose how we react and behave to any circumstance. With that choice, we can choose to put fear behind us and move forward.

With that choice we choose to make today better than yesterday. With that choice we choose to provide better resources to our children than we had ourselves.

What choices are before you today? Are you resolved to look for the best, or allow the fear of failure to wash over you?

Life is a matter of choice; we can choose to focus on the negative, or enjoy the simple pleasures as we go along.

~ Sticky Note Thinkers




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