What is Your Success Blueprint?

Each of us have predetermined limits to our weight, financial success, relationship success, and other achievements. We create our lives with a mental blueprint, install scripts in our minds, and then our bodies act out the plan.

by Pete Ferguson

I’m currently reading Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and his son, Jared. Dan quotes T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind who talks about a “money blueprint.”

We all have a certain level of achievement we think we deserve. If a person gets over that level momentarily, it’s not uncommon to see that person subconsciously underachieve to regain the success level he believed was his limit. (p19)

This got me thinking beyond money to our lives. I have friends who are single, who self-sabbotage a good relationship. In working to start up coaching on the side, I’ve met with “hopelessly” un-and under-employed people. Listening to their self-talk is very interesting. Heck, listening to my own self-talk is just as revealing.

Excuses are the parameters we establish to how high and low we can go. When I hit a certain weight, it’s gloves off – I diet, exercise, work until I’m back in my “safety zone.” With the help of a personal trainer, I set a new safety zone. When I was near the bottom, I ate whatever I wanted and skipped days at the gym. Then I slipped back up and I’m at war again.

The key is to keep the parameters ever changing.

We must eliminate our self-limiting beliefs. In the Olympics this past summer we saw an athlete without legs compete. We heard of countless stories of hardship and disappointment – shattered by successfully competing in the Olympics – an achievement I think we all agree is quite remarkable with or without a medal.

“I’m big-boned”

“Rich people are selfish”

“I come from a long line of blue collar workers”

“Too much money ruins people”

“I don’t want to take away from others”

These are the scripts we’ve installed in our minds that keep us from achieving our success. Reprogramming is a real pain – it requires a constant pressure to get out of our comfort zone.

It isn’t fun at first. It’s like pushing a bus up a hill. But eventually the momentum turns the wheels once, then twice. Then the next hundred yards are not as hard and eventually we reach the summit. We can live on top of the hill or go and find another bus.

What’s your blueprint? Time to hire an architect?

Learn: What self-limiting “scripts” are installed in your mind?

Act: There is a time to plan, then there is a time to just do. I get out of bed and hit the gym, not sure what will come, but at the gym I figure it out or our personal trainer does.

Share: Your successes contain clues that can help others – just as their successes contain clues that will help you.


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