For the Love of Change

“If you don’t like how something is going for you, change it. If something isn’t enough, change it. If something doesn’t suit you; change it. If something doesn’t please you, change it. You don’t ever have to be the same after today. If you don’t like your present address, change it—you’re not a tree!” ~ Jim Rohn

by Pete Ferguson

We all like change – change that is better for us.

American President Obama won the elections four years ago with the saying “Change You Can Believe In.” Regardless of which political affiliation you support, I think we can all agree that he has brought about change within healthcare, immigration, our foreign wars, etc.

But whether you have liked that change or disagree with it continues to define which candidate you are more likely to support.

So “change” itself, isn’t good or bad. It’s how we react to the change, how it affects our daily interactions that is the deciding factor.

Aging isn’t fun physically. My skin droops where it did not previously. I take a little longer to recover after a good workout. But my parents get discounts everywhere they go and there are preferred parking stalls for seniors at some grocery stores.

As we start to wind down 2012 and move into 2013, what changes have you made this year that are great? Not so great?

What plans do you have for next year?

A wise mentor, Dan Miller, always has his goals for the next year finalized and in motion by mid November – just a month and a week away.

Because of that, I’ve had a very productive and successful year in 2012. I’ve attended conferences, acquired new learning, strengthened my network, read many great new books, blogged at least four times a week since May, and many other goals.

But it hasn’t been as rigid as I had experienced goals in the past. On the contrary, I’m doing things today I could not have predicted a year ago, but they are in keeping with the future vision I have for myself, and it is very rewarding and fun.

What change do you believe in? What changes have occurred to you that are uncomfortable and may require an attitude adjustment?

What needs to be changed that you’ve been putting off?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” — Tony Robbins



3 thoughts on “For the Love of Change

  1. Love it! While Reading “Wisdom meets Passion” this week, I have realized that fear has kept me from initializing change; change ultimately for the better. I am facing my fears

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