The Shelf-Life of a Good Idea

Good ideas all have a shelf-life. If not implemented with action, they begin to stink up your brain like rotting cheese.

by Pete Ferguson

Yesterday I had lunch at a former business giant’s campus. I won’t name the company, but I will say that in their heyday they were the conglomeration of the two largest planning and training systems who misstepped the technology advancements and are now a shell of what they used to be.

As a young college student, I had dreamed of one day working for them. They were the pinnacle of success and extremely cash rich.

But inside of the company, the same values espoused for the rest of the world did not apply.

Confusion set in about making money vs. following passion and according to former employees, the principles espoused for their customers were not espoused internally for the employees.

The company stock has dipped below $5 a share in recent times, but is now climbing back up to $12-15.

Walking around the outdated building was like walking through Pharaoh’s tomb – many photos and statues of when it was once great, but now time has settled in and the space looks and feels a bit stale.

Today I work for a company that has almost made the same mistake – twice. But lately there is an awakened energy and spirit of collaboration and treating the internal customer – employees, contractors, and vendors – as good as or better than the external customer.

Great ideas are wonderful to have. I know many people who abound in great ideas.


But without a consistent action plan and continual new and fresh approaches and technology to support a great idea, it will quickly mold and deteriorate.


For many years I had “thought” about writing this blog. I’m sure glad I finally dusted that idea off and gave it a little boost of nitrous. I’m now approaching my 100th posting and it feels really great. It has also allowed other ideas I have to percolate and get a little more air to thrive.

What great ideas are lurking in the refrigerator of your mind?

Do you suffer from could-a, would-a, should-a?

Today is the day to pull them out and start using them before mold and decay settle in!

Learn: What great ideas have either been abandoned or are getting stale with inaction?

Act: Movement is key. Start to explore your options through action. The Internet is unprecedented in the ability to quickly research and find examples of ideas in action, connect with others who are experimenting with shared ideas, and resources on how to improve and expand.

Share: Find your Tribe of fellow thinkers and doers. I’m supported by a great Tribe of bloggers, free thinkers, and doers. My Tribe is my accountability coach and abounding with examples of what works, what doesn’t work, and positive supportive energy. In reading this blog, you are part of my Tribe – so thank you!


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