Creative Procrastination

“Between you and anything you want to accomplish, you will always find problems or obstacles of some kind. Your success is largely about the ability to solve those problems.” ~ Jeff Pattison

by Pete Ferguson

I had too much Diet Coke at lunch yesterday and my back is killing me from trying to out lift my personal trainer so I’ve been up since three a.m.

So today I’m looking for creative ways to procrastinate writing a full blog while hopefully injecting humor to your Wednesday morning, afternoon, and evening blues …

  1. This morning I found this hoax story about Samsung paying Apple it’s settlement of over $1billion USD in nickels. While it is a hoax, I’m left with the notion of “why didn’t I think of that?” New perspective in payback. In case you were not immediately thrown off by the photo of what looks more like pennies, quick thinking people who read the story ascertained that on weight alone it would take approximately 2,750 trucks – and not 30 – given the weight of the nickels.
  2. Very creepy, but creative action figure of the late Mr. Steve Jobs. Just shows there is a market for just about anything. For the guy who reinvented ways for us to enjoy music, movies, art, and information – he now has his own action figure. Or at least that is what the article said, but following the links to a company reported to commit to mass-producing the doll, I cannot find a way to order it online. However, rather than wait for my fame and fortune to roll in, I have found a company who will turn my likeness into an action figure for my own fame and glory in the form of a PEZ dispenser for a measly $375 USD. Everyone should be immortalized with this type of pop culture “art.”
  3. If you are an Apple fan boy/girl who must have the latest and greatest rumors on what the company will do next (okay, I’ll own up to it), I found another great hoax site which has very humorously captured the craze of the Apple rumors – the Crazy Apple Rumors Site (CARS). In a mock review of when the latest  MacBook Pro was released, CARS reported a play-by-play of “10:43 – OK, we’re back. Next Generation MacBook Pro has a fan with blades that are spaced asymmetrically. If you have OCD, please check with your therapist before buying this laptop.” I love the creativity of doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. Way to go John Moltz.
  4. Finally, in conclusion, before FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online time wasters, ruled the Internet waves and email forwards. Taking the positive motivational posters and converting them into what many will feel are more realistic reflections of their lives, is always good for cheering me up and getting me to laugh.

In case you never return to my blog (but hey, you are still reading to the bottom!), let me thank you for your patronage and ask you to seriously reconsider!

Happy Wednesday!


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