A Leader Cannot be an Armchair Strategist

The most critical aspect of leadership, especially in a sporting context, is the ability to build trust ~ Anil Kumble

by Pete Ferguson

Thanks to fellow blogger, Linus Fernandes and his Rubber Tyres -> Smooth Rides blog for turning me onto Anil Kumble’s article on leadership.

Leadership, someone said, is about sizing up the situation and constructing the appropriate response. In my view, this is an apt description and nowhere is it more relevant than in the field of sport. During my long and cherished career representing the state and the country at the highest level, I have been fortunate to be part of teams that have been led by some exceptional individuals; in the twilight of my career, I also had the opportunity to lead the team myself. There have been substantive lessons on leadership that I have absorbed along this journey and here are some of them.

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