The Frustration of Friction

In looking at the goods and services you provide – regardless if you are self-employed or a more “traditional” employee – are you a roadblock or enabler?

by Pete Ferguson

What is generating a lot of work for you? Is it legitimate?

I recently sat down to review a vendor and realized I’m paying a great deal a year in time and money for them to be a real thorn in my side.

When a project cannot be completed on time, they educate me on all of their internal processes and problems. When I ask for something out of the box, I’m told it can’t be done.

And they are right. It can’t (and very shortly no longer will be) done -by them. I’m working to quickly find someone who can “git-r-done!”

Another way of looking at friction is to examine what we require of technology.

We love technology for what it allows us to do faster, better, and with greater impact. But a really good product or service will quickly get out of our way.

Currently the only two major friction points I think I experience are battery life and ability to connect to 3/4G or Wi-Fi.

Technology is a lot like our bodies. If you are in good health, you probably spend little time thinking about breathing, the beating of your heart, or the movement of your muscles.

Where do you fit in at work, home, and society?

Are you enabling other’s success, or just getting in the way?

If you are getting in the way, what needs are not being fulfilled – and what can you do to work it out?

Learn: What is frustrating you the most? Why is it frustrating? What can you remove to make the process more simple, enjoyable, and faster?

Act: Not sure how to answer the question above? Who would know the answer? There are resources all around you, but you have to be able to see them. Take a step back. Hire a coach or pick up a good book on self-improvement.

Share: Talking to others allows you to better define the problem at hand as well as seek for additional assistance. Good luck!

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