Why Before What

Do you have those days where you are REALLY busy, but you feel no sense of accomplishment afterwards? If those kind of days are really frequent, it’s time to start living your “why!”

by Pete Ferguson

I recently spoke to a mutual friend who has been out of job for several months. Her resume was all over the place with different job titles, descriptions of what she did, mismatched with her educational background, and generally sporadic.

The frustration in the way she carried herself and her tone of voice was easy to pick up on for me – and likely for future employers as well. When I asked of her dreams, passions, what she wanted to really do – really be – the answers were just as varied.

In Dan Miller’s book, “48 Days to the Work You Love,” Dan talks about a deep inward look at yourself to find out who you really are:

When you get to heaven, God is not going to ask you why you weren’t more like Mother Teresa (or your brother, sister, father, mother …). He’s likely going to ask you why you weren’t more like you. ~p34

What does the real Pete Ferguson look like? What does the real you look like?

When you understand your “why,” and choose to live out your “why,” all of the “what” will fall into place over time.

Have you honed in on your why? If you inherited $700,000 today, what would you do differently next week?

What about $10 Million?

If your answer is to buy lots of stuff and travel the world, that’s fine. But eventually a steak is a steak, a car is a car, a house is a house, and regardless of the number of stars a hotel has received, a complete stranger slept in the bed the night before.

I became friends with some of the early eBay millionaires. They did all of that “stuff.” Now many of them are broke, divorced, depressed, and still wandering aimless.

Money just allowed them have a brief vacation from living life without a purpose.

Eventually the dream shattered and reality was still waiting.

What would you really like to do, for a year? Are you doing some of those things today? If not, why not?

Learn: Spend some real time looking over the clues your life have left you about what your true passion is. Ask family members and friends what reminds them of you. What were some of the crazy things you did as a kid that you haven’t done for a long time?

Act: Constantly force your way out of your comfort zone. Go out to lunch with a variety of different people. Attend museums, seminars, concerts, or sign up for an art or pottery class. Buy a guitar, sing karaoke (sober), go ballroom dancing, or square dancing. Break the mold!

Share: In finding others who share your passion, you are both edified. Life is so full of great opportunities to live. Start a journal of thanks, or start each morning thinking of all you are thankful for.


StartWithWhy.com – The Golden Circle


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