Are You Thriving or Surviving?

There is not enough room in the human heart for gratitude and depression to exist at the same time. ~ Jason Hall, Champion Institute

by Pete Ferguson

In your current position at work, are you thriving or surviving?

From my experience with the recession after 9/11, during down times like now, there is an influx of very qualified people taking very low level jobs. They have been laid off, down sized, right sized, been made redundant … basically had their dreams, hopes, and family budgets decimated.

But as the economy recovers, these people move back into the mainstream and find a job better aligned with their skill set, and hopefully their dreams and passions. Which begs the question of you – are you thriving or surviving?

Surviving is fine – for a short period of time. I’ve moved my family into the in-law’s basement twice to survive. But the second time we had a definite time frame – nine months to build our house – and it was a lot better than the first time when we had no exit strategy.

Your exit strategy is a list of well defined goals with a deadline. Pick a date: 48 days, one year, five years. Have milestones for each and then set out what you will need to know and experience to reach those goals.

Hope moves forward. It rarely looks in the rear view mirror.

By creating a compelling future to move into, you can more quickly escape the past. Start doing the “someday I will …” list today. You can create a dream life from 5-8 am in the morning and 6-10 pm at night. Then shorten the gap, throw in a few lunches a week and then a few 15 minute breaks. Eventually you will be thriving 24/7.

Read great books, meet great people, and dare to dream.

Another important element comes from the opening quotation by Jason Hall – gratitude. Jason is a quadriplegic who has survived two life-threatening auto accidents. He has many reasons the world would excuse for being down and out, but instead he looks for the positive and appears to live a good life.

Not all days will be thriving days. Not all days will be survival days.

Today, I choose to thrive.

To thrive during your short lifetime on this planet is not easy. It takes working smart and working hard.  Yet, it is worth every ounce of effort and financial investment you make.  As in most endeavors, if it was easy we would all be thriving wouldn’t we? ~ Nathan Teegarden, True Calling

Learn: Write down a list of everything you are grateful for.

Act: Choose what you will do from 5-8 am every morning to thrive.

Share: Plan to go to lunch with a positive person within the next seven days and talk about gratitude.




2 thoughts on “Are You Thriving or Surviving?

  1. Thanks Rob. Being intentional is a lot more work than the words would otherwise suggest! I have found with family and friends, those who are intentional are happiest and most satisfied. Those who sit around allowing life to happen to them – have been “happened to” quite a bit.

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