The Joy in Accomplishing Goals

Setting goals is a quick rush. Working to accomplish them is, well, work. But accomplishing them is very rewarding.

by Pete Ferguson

This past weekend I was able to check off a bucket list item for my kids. If you are much of a YouTube fan, you are likely aware of “The Piano Guys.”  Their most recent hit, “Cello Wars,” is a fun version of Star Wars played on cello multiple times by the same person, Steven Sharp Nelson.

Steven is not your average cellist. He has brought old school bowing to new heights and is the only cellist of which I’m aware of to date who also plays the base drum while playing the cello.

My son Mark is a budding cellist. He has been playing for about three years – playing piano for over eight – and was just accepted to in the Junior Utah Youth Symphony.

If you recall one of my earlier posts about setting goals and accomplishing them by Monday at 5:00 pm, meeting Steven was one of our family goals that I took action on months ago when I got online, researched his schedule, and realized we could likely meet him in Midway Utah at the Lyceum Music Festival.

The evening was perfect. We had been running around all day and racked up serious mileage on my wife’s car. We got home just in time to change clothes, hop into my car, and drive 78 more miles to make it to the concert with only a minute or two to spare.

My 9-year-old daughter, Abbie, summed up the experience as we walked onto the lawn where they were holding the concert and we found ourselves ten yards from where Steven was waiting.

“I never thought I would see him with my own eyes,” said Abbie.

The concert was great, we saw him play a cello with a light saber (plastic, lasers would of course cut through the strings) along with a number of other pop and traditional pieces.

As the sun settled into the surrounding mountains and the concert drew to a close, my kids grabbed their programs and ran to get into line. Steven was very graceful and encouraging to Mark. He dubbed Abbie “Ms. Freckles” and forgave Amber for choosing the flute over a stringed instrument.

On the way home I called both Hilton and Marriott and we found a hotel to stay in using my points after a quick dinner at Wendy’s. These are rocking chair moments. That night is something I’m sure Mark, Amber, and Abbie will always remember. I certainly will.

Setting goals is a quick rush. Working to accomplish them is, well, work. But accomplishing them is very rewarding.

As we head into Fall and school time in the Northern Hemisphere, what are your goals? For my friends in Australia and the Philippines, the seasons change for you as well, what will you do to make them worth it?

Learn: What goals have you written down for 2012? Pick one today and set a deadline if you haven’t already. Go backwards from the deadline until today. What must happen to accomplish the task today and next Monday?

Act: If you can, try to stay a week ahead on your goal timelines. It will allow you some wiggle room and give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

Share: Blog, get online and read other blogs about your goal. Or write in your journal and share with someone close.


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