What Is Your Life Saying To The World?

by Pete Ferguson

When all is done and you exhale your last breath, what will your imprint on the world be?

In your daily work, do you provide a service to others, or are you just looking for a paycheck?

I came across this Quaker saying – What is your life saying to the world? – while reviewing the teaching material for a career class I was privileged to present last night to a group of friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances.

The quote came through author and life coach, Dan Miller, who was raised Mennonite on a small farm and has moved forward to affect the careers, happiness, and livlihood of millions.

As you wake up each morning to go to work, where are you on the scale of excitement and dread? Last night as we talked of each person’s unique path, I could sense a variety of emotion about where everyone was.

Some held advanced degrees, yet had not seen the payoff. Others felt they had much more to offer in their current situation, but were being held back by the complexity of a large organization which resists change.

I could sense for some that the dissatisfaction with work was affecting other areas of their life.







Within all seven areas, you likely feel a greater sense of accomplishment in several, perhaps frustration in others. A serious family illness can make the rest of these items seem irrelevant for a time. Bankruptcy or facing a short sale certainly can have its toll on the rest of the balance as well.

But within the seven areas of your life, there should be several you can affect and change.

Last week I attended a high wilderness camp and watched a scout “confined” to a wheel chair traverse the terrain with his father on a four wheeler and accomplish many tasks perhaps a bystander would not think possible.

I have witnessed many experiences in my life where others have begun a spiritual journey and seen the great payoff that has provided for them in their search for meaning.

I have attended, and taught, a class on Provident Living and seen the very positive results as I and others get out of debt, increase food storage and savings, and learn to be more self-sustained.

Personally, improving physical health and fitness has also been a great blessing and allowed me to go places and do things I couldn’t have done five or ten years ago.

The great thing about having goals in each area is that by improving one area, you improve the other areas as well. Your self-esteem grows. As your confidence grows, new opportunities present themselves. With the new opportunities, you are able to increase your influence and impact and benefit financially. With increased resources, you are able to make a greater impact.

What is your life saying to the world?

Learn: Print out a “Wheel of Life” weekly and give yourself a score on where you are in each area.

Act: Set goals for each area. A few small goals, like walk for 20 minutes each morning. And a few goals that take more time and effort to stretch your growth. Work on these goals daily and weekly.

Share: You are an expert in something – probably many things. You were not given your talents to hide, but to share!

Photo Credits:

Wheel of Life – Page 55 of “48 Days to the Work You Love,” Dan Miller


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