Leave People Better Than You Found Them

Awaiting Sunrise @ 11,113 feet

by Pete Ferguson

I recently returned from Camp Steiner Scout Camp where I was without electricity, air conditioning, cell service, and indoor plumbing for three days.

And it was wonderful!

One of the Scout principles regarding campgrounds is to “leave it better than you found it.”

I found in a weekend with five 11-14-year-old young men in our troop, this principle also applies to people.

As you interact with others, do you uplift them, push their dreams forward and provide them with the encouragement you also enjoy?

I’m certainly working on it. Regardless of whether we are involved with volunteer work, or while being paid by a company, I doubt we can ever go wrong if our plan is to leave people better than we find them, or at least do everything we can to inspire excellence.

Tonight, I plan to leave a group of collective friends, family, and new acquaintances better than I found them by offering tools readily available for improving their resume’s and improving their focus on following their passion.

While a resume may seem like a quick timeline of events, it can be so much more. It can be a roadmap of the Legacy you are leaving at each company or business you have followed.

Rather than be an eulogy of career existence, it can – and should – be as exciting as a trailer for a summer blockbuster movie. The purpose of your resume is to excite people to want to meet you and further discuss how you can both profit by working together.

Does your resume have this power of attraction? I’d love to work with you to that end. I hope to see you tonight if you are in the Utah area.

If you are unable to attend, email your current resume to pete@learnactshare.com and I’ll give you a quick overview of what I’ve learned and experienced in reviewing hundreds of resumes and working with resume coaches.

Want to dive in? You can attend a class locally, or we can custom design a package for remote coaching including a skills profile, books and materials, and personal coaching to help you unlock your career success.

Sunset at Scout Lake – Camp Steiner

Learn: What are your passions? What are your skills? Write down 20 different things you could do as a job to match the two together better. Think about how you can leave people and a company better than you found them.

Act: Conduct internet research, buy a book or two, and hire a coach to help you better write your legacy and find meaningful work.

Share: Talk to others about your passion and find out about theirs. Look for ways to uplift and inspire those around you.


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