Planning Your Work Around The Life You Enjoy

We often look to weekends, evenings and vacation time – the leftovers – to do what we enjoy. What if work was part of the life you enjoy?

by Pete Ferguson

Do you look forward to work each day?

Do you feel like you can engage and give 100% while you are at work and still have energy to continue giving at home?

Are Mondays and Fridays – and Wednesdays and Saturdays – equally enjoyable?

When our lives are in balance and we are making deposits equally into physical, mental, spiritual, social, and other areas, work is just part of the joy of life.

This week I am on “paid time off” – or “vacation.” Plenty of work to be done including completely rearranging three rooms (required tipping our baby grand piano on its side with the help of four others), cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn, fixing sprinklers, and other odd jobs.

I also went on a run with Steph, went to lunch with my brother-in-law, blogged, read other blogs, studied scripture, and watched an Indiana Jones movie with my family. It was a VERY busy day. Not sure what it was a vacation from … I enjoy the work I do in my vocation. So it was more of a change of focus and helping my family instead of my employer.

My point is that when life is well balanced, I’m not sure it matters what you do, you will find joy in all work.

If you hate your job and can’t wait to “retire” to sit around and watch TV and eat whatever you want, you will live a VERY long and miserable existence until the blessed day you “retire” and give up on life from my experience.

I watched a family member dwindle much of his life away – he was miserable in most work and went through many different jobs. The most profitable job he landed was permanent medical disability where he was finally financially able to live out his dream of sitting on the couch watching movies and eating. Without a purpose (someone else telling him what to do besides his wife) he didn’t last long, less than two years before he died.

Why not strive to be better balanced today – and every day? It is a challenge, some weeks are better than others for certain.

What does your wheel look like? Page 56 – “48 Days to the Work You Love,” Dan Miller

Learn: Print out the “Wheel of Life” above, and assign a score between 1-10 for each area. How well-balanced is your wheel? Within a week or month, I always find 1-3 areas that need a little more attention and so I set goals around those areas to ensure I can find better balance.

Act: Plan one fun thing to do in each area for the next two weeks. And then do it!

Share: Talk to other family members, coworkers, and friends on how to find better balance. I like to aim for one lunch a week where I meet with someone to talk about career, life, and other passions.



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