Don’t “Wuz – Gonna” – Just Do It!

by Pete Ferguson

We all have that friend, coworker, or family member who will often start off a sentence …

  • “I was going to (or I wuz gonna …) fill your car up with gas, but then I forgot …”
  • “I wuz gunna buy you a nice shirt for your birthday, but then I didn’t know what color you like …”
  • “I wuz gonna call you after your grandpa died …”
  • “I wuz gonna go to college, but then …”
  • “I wuz gonna lose 20 lbs, but then …”

The pathway to Hell is paved with “I wuz gonna” good intentions. That’s why I believe everyone will be so miserable in Hell – they see potential, but they choose not to take action. And so they are left with “I wuz gonna … but I didn’t” realizations.

The top 1% of successful people list is chock full of go getters who had a good idea AND took action. It may not have even been a great idea, just an average idea, but they took action and made it relevant.

Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield and others have made millions all because they understand that the “secret to success” is to take action. Massive action.

Successful people aim high, write down goals, then take immediate action. They are too busy doing to think of excuses as to why they will not be successful. When they hit an obstacle, they see it as a learning opportunity of “what not to do” for the next time and then get very busy working on “the next time” “this time.” Right now time.

I “wuz gonna” start a blog for two years. And then I did. And this is the 51st blog, which is hard to believe. I stood in front of 52 people who I knew would follow up on my goal and I said that I would blog at least 4-5 times a week, every week.

What’s on your “wuz gonna” list that needs to be on your “I just finished” list? Or what “I just finished” success stories can you share?

Learn: Write out a list of all of your “wuz gonna’s” and put it on the fridge, bathroom mirror, and your car visor. Highlight one you will take action on immediately.

Act: Take the one item you are going to start immediately and a fresh sheet of paper.

  • Write down how it will feel to have this goal accomplished.
  • Write down all of the reasons you should do this thing immediately!
  • Next list what you are missing out on by not doing accomplishing this goal? I.e. what emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. blessings are you missing out on?
  • Then write down why you should not do this thing.
  • Compare the why you should and why you shouldn’t. If you are not more energized to do it, move on to another item on your list!

Share: Commit to share this new goal with three people. Two can be close friends or family members, but to get leverage on yourself, consider hiring a life coach or telling someone who doesn’t like you enough to try not to hurt your feelings if you do not accomplish it. Now you have a compelling reason to get to work!

Good Luck! Please consider sharing here as well.

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