Are You Engaged with Your Work?

by Pete Ferguson

Feeling “engaged” with your work is really important.

Three hundred billion dollars important.

That’s $964 for every woman, man, and child lost annually in the United States.

A fantastic Disneyland or cruise vacation lost every year because of disengagement.

I have five children, so my household is seven people. If I choose to be disengaged, that would mean I choose also to leave $6,748 on the table every year.

But I choose to be engaged. And not only capture that $6,748 but also help others to capture theirs.

While many would read this poll and cry that organizations need to do more to engage their workforce, you and I can read it and realize that there is unclaimed wealth all around us. All for the taking. All we have to do is locate our passion, dig in, and engage our lives.

Are you in control of your destiny? Why not? Or why?

What are the defining moments for you at work? At play?

Is work play?

Learn: If you could choose to do anything today and next Monday, what would it be? How well aligned is this dream to what you will actually do?

Act: Define what you want, and find two people who do what you want to do. Take them to lunch – you will pay – and ask them about their vocation. What did it take for them to get to where they are today? What will you do to to get to where you want to be?

Share: Write down what you have found. Start a blog today and commit to writing four days a week. This accountability will help you stay on track. And it is a lot of fun.


Employee Engagement Overview Brochure

Current US Population311,591,917




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